The 15th International Architecture Exhibition “REPORTING FROM THE FRONT” will be open until Sunday November 27th 2016 at the Giardini and Arsenale venues. It is directed by Alejandro Aravena who explains his approach:
“..the Venice Biennale is the most important architectural show in the world, but it is not about the advancement of architecture, but about improving the qualiity of life. The way architects try to do that is through built environment…. in “Reporting from The Front” the first task was to identify this frontlines, what are the challenges, what are the problems, the inequalities and insecurities… Let us walk our talk…the lesson to be learned here, is not only to raise the awareness but is there a way in which design can add value.”

With the installation “Lightscapes | Local identity – exploring a forgotten resource”Transsolar and Anja Thierfelder want to inspire others and sharpen their senses: “Seek out and delve into the local identity of a place and let its potential help you define your buildings and cities!” This is how bespoke, sustainable and aesthetic solutions can arise and distinguish themselves from global architectural trends.

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