XIII Meeting Arquitecturas Colectivas

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 13th edition of the Arquitecturas Colectivas meeting. We had announced an all-Genoa meeting to meet in person, but unfortunately we had to change the programme and move the meeting online. We know that you will miss the fact that you could not take advantage of the opportunity to fly to Genoa, and we are also a little disappointed. However, we promise to see you all again when all this is over.


Arquitecturas Colectivas is a network that was born in Spain in 2007 as a meeting place for collectives active on the Spanish territory, but it is a phenomenon that over time has become increasingly international through the annual meetings. This year for the first time the meeting is organised by the Italian coordination group: in Genoa there are Silvia, Elisabetta, Greta and Elisa, in Madrid Laura, in Rome Elisabetta and in Venice Alessandro. The theme we are tackling with this meeting is the imaginary, focusing in particular on IN-FRA-STRUCTURES.

We realised how necessary it is to try to collectively construct a new common imagery that can generate concrete actions in the area around us, trying to do an exercise in imagination and proposing a “reform” of the collective imagery.

The meetings

We have already held two meetings, one in October and one in November, during which more than 51 participants from 40 cities, 19 countries and two planets connected.

We held several offline work sessions with the participants, the first producing a series of images of the new infrastructure, the second through videos, which you can find on the Arquitecturas Colectivas 2020 YouTube page.

Last time we attended two interesting presentations by Stefania Consigliere and Massimo Mazzone. Stefania spoke to us about the imaginary from an anthropological point of view, while Massimo proposed himself as tutor of a diffuse atelier of infrastructures to be realised autonomously.

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