What’s a Precarious Architecture?

Precarious architecture is a research study about architecture, design and visual arts, according to a socio-political vision of the world in which they are created. Starting from the vitruvian paradigm utilitas, firmitas, venustas, wondering how this can become a current tool for defining architectures produced in a professional environment prey of constant destabilizing upheavals.

Precarious architecture makes a virtue out of necessity, seeking non-vitruvian alternatives to keep alive the spirit of the profession.

Self-construction and self-production become new tools for creating architectures through new collaborative practices and knowledge sharing. Professional empowerment becomes part of a broader process, which concerns the development of communities that create around each new precarious architecture.




10482114_752381688141929_1272086418900530844_n What's a Precarious Architecture?
Photography Daniele Ronca