Ephemeral architecture at Heritage 2020 Congress

Here is the publication of our talk on ephemeral architecture for the 7th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, called by the Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development, which was to be held in Coimbra (Portugal) last July.

Ephemeral architecture as medium for regenerating the historical city. The case of Venice

Text by Alessandro Zorzetto, Angela Barrios Padura and Marta Molina Huelva

University of Seville (Spain)


The Biennale is an event that has been repeated periodically in Venice for more than a century, affecting the evolution of the city. In recent decades a model of regeneration of the architectural heritage based on the artistic event has developed, the latter being able to generate resources that are reinvested in the maintenance of buildings. Ephemeral architecture therefore plays a key role in this process, becoming an “engine” capable of preserving, renewing and updating the historical fabric of the island. In this paper a critical cataloguing of virtuous examples of heritage building regeneration, recycling of materials, innovation in transport, touristic sustainability is presented, in order to propose an ethical code on the basis of which future management models could be developed for this sector of cultural tourism connected to the “Biennial phenomenon”.


Heritage, Biennale, Gentrification, Touristification, Impact.

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