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Interview with Rural Studio

by Alessandro Zorzetto, published on domus  on October 26th 2016

Art, in its numerous forms, is often seen as an activator of circumstance, a catalyser of motions, passions, ideas and actions. On a local level, it may help to spontaneously and genuinely reset social dynamics by introducing a factor of novelty in how the event is perceived. But what happens when the event takes on a grand, international scope and the situation grows more complex?

An artistic event stands alongside a bureaucratic-organisational structure that allows it to function and to last to the end, thereby becoming the driving force of the event itself. This structure, in turn, becomes a business, a company of a commercial nature where for-profit rules reign. The local dimension can be lost. Art turns into the catalyser of international capitals while neighbourhoods are aimed at hosting rather than being sites of investigation and social development.

We asked Rural Studio whom we met at the 15. Venice Architecture Biennale. They offered a methodological approach that reconsiders the entire exhibition process in an almost surgical manner, placing once again at the centre of the investigation the design and its protagonists: the inhabitants.

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