Open Warehouse Project

Call to donate a second life to materials from a luxury event


01-chi-siamo Open Warehouse Project
Officina Marghera works with private individuals and cultural institutions in the prevention and reduction of their waste


02-progetti Open Warehouse Project
Open Warehouse aims at the urban regeneration of the context in which Officina Marghera operates.


03-inventario Open Warehouse Project
All the material recovered is catalogued in an excel database that can be consulted publicly online.


04-come-partecipare Open Warehouse Project
Anyone can use the recovered materials at low cost and put them back into circulation, thus creating a social network.


OM-1 Open Warehouse Project

Officina Marghera works with private individuals and cultural institutions in the prevention and reduction of their waste to create together a social and sustainable eco-circulation through a service of collection and recovery of raw materials. This process is to be understood from the perspective of heritage regeneration, understood as the material recycling of the artistic and creative capital already deposited in places following the temporary cultural events for which Venice has always been the cradle.

We firmly believe in re-use as a different approach from recycling because it consumes less energy and promotes local employment, in fact the re-use process requires human involvement to be able to valorise the waste and by-products of the creative industry in order to offer them a second life.


OM_25-1 Open Warehouse Project

OPEN WAREHOUSE is a project for the recovery and reuse of waste materials produced by a temporary event. Starting from the cataloguing and archiving of the recovered material, the project offers on the one hand the possibility of building new creative artefacts by limiting waste, and on the other hand it wants to create the conditions to enhance the territory and regenerate local economies, creating jobs.

We believe it is essential to know the history of each recovered piece, which is why the cataloguing, the documentation of the coordination of the movements and the cleaning of the materials, have been collected in a free-access online database in which, at the end of the project, the new creative artefacts made by the participants will also be uploaded.


OSB_v2-1 Open Warehouse Project

The inventory consists of measuring and photographing materials by categories in order to have a quantified follow-up of the different types. The recovery process consists of making the materials suitable for reuse. The whole process of recovery, storage and distribution is documented by photography and video in order to disseminate the results of the project. All recovered material is photographed, measured and catalogued in special files and subsequently entered into a database that can be consulted publicly online.


OWP-1-1024x1024 Open Warehouse Project

The aim is to create a Social Network of associations, groups, artists, institutions, students and individuals who can use the materials recovered and put back into circulation at low cost.

You can book the material HERE:

  • By filling in the dedicated form HERE
  • Attending the inaugural event on 25.09, filling in the form on site and viewing in person the material available for purchase.

We hope to involve you actively in the project, and look forward to seeing you at the presentation at Officina Marghera.

Officina Marghera guarantees the reuse of 90% of the elements collected. The materials are valorised in order to be made available to the social network, supporting and collaborating in the various creations.

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