How to build an illuminating bamboo installation

By Precarious Architecture (Venice) and Natural Born Builders (Viareggio)

in collaboration with Association of Architects of Venice

The idea is to build a large object that could challenge the rules of gravity and be evocative for the City of Venice. Natural materials are used for the realization of the project: bamboo coming from a wood in Tuscany and wood recovered from an installation of the last Biennale. We decided to activate a workshop to involve more people in the project, and the call was answered by citizens, students and professionals who wanted to learn the basics and the tricks to use bamboo as a construction material. Together we created and set up a work whose forms recall the elements of air and water, resembling a cloud, a fish or a flying vessel, but even of the earth, from which come the materials used to build it, and the light from which it is permeated during the day and night hours.

Workshop of construction for an illuminating installation with bamboo structure

6 • 7 • 8th April 2018 • Tesa 105, Arsenale North • Venice (IT)

Design and organisation: PrecariousArchitecture, Natural Born Builders.

Tutors: Alessandro Zorzetto, Giacomo Mencarini.

Collaborators: Francesca Modolo, Ing. Paolo Delfanti.

Participants: Cecilia Barberis, Alberto Bertollo, Elisa Bortolussi, Diana Favaron, Carmen Ferri, Matteo Fuser, Giorgio Girelli, Barbara Pastor, Giacomo Pincerato, Elena Rizzico, Mara Santacatterina, Francesco Stefani, Davide Tegon, Matteo Zuppi.

Patronage: Association of Architects of Venice, Vela s.p.a., City of Venice.

Materials: Bambuseto, ReBiennale.

Support: Associazione Nuove Prospettive.

Special thanks: Niccolò Bocenti, Mohammed and Daniel of ReBiennale; Stefano Martinelli and Sara Violante of Bambuseto; Stefano Soldati of La Boa Permaculture Center; Nicola Catullo, Ilenia Tomasutti and all Vela’s staff; Secretariat and President of Venice Association of Architects; Direction Strategical Projects of the City of Venice; Doc. Franco Costa and Amelia De Lazzari of CNR-ISMAR Venice; Bianca Nardon and Emilio Antoniol of Venice Climate Lab; Martin Weigert, Eugenio Pendolini, Stefano Reggio and Francesco Luca.

Video: Francesco Stefani.

Photography: Alessandro Zorzetto



For the exhibition From space to place, the Venice Pavilion selects virtuous cases of urban redevelopment on the Venetian territory. Precarious Architecture participates with the project A luminous cloud made of bamboo built during a workshop in the Arsenal North. The video of the Bamboo Cloud will be on show at the Venice Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Gardens until 25th November 2018.

Event promoted by Association of Architects of Venice

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