Bamboo workshop – 6 • 7 • 8th April 2018

Workshop of construction for an illuminating installation with bamboo structure

6 • 7 • 8th April 2018 • Tesa105, Arsenale North • Venice (IT)

Precarious Architecture (Venice) and Natural Born Builders (Versilia) organise a self-construction workshop in Venice, with the aim of creating a large luminous bamboo structure. The course includes a theoretical part in which the members will be able to know and deepen the bamboo material: characteristics of the plant, cultivation, harvesting, drying, physical characteristics, methods of use. The project, the construction techniques, the program and the organization of the laboratory will also be illustrated. During the practical part, the students will learn the working techniques and will be guided in the realization and assembly of the luminous structure. The illuminating object will be suspended at an appropriate height and will be left on display during a period agreed with the host organization.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at citizens, students, professionals and anyone who wants to try a weekend in the construction of a useful and fascinating craft work, learning the basics and the tricks to use the bamboo as a construction material. Through participation in the workshop, members will develop sufficient knowledge to independently manage projects with bamboo.

Course organisation

  • Theoretical course • duration: 4 h • 15-35 participants • Learning of geometries and construction techniques in bamboo: knowledge of the plant and cutting techniques, drying, storage and preserving treatments.
  • Practical course • duration: 16 h • 10-15 participants • Learn about bamboo and wood processing, familiarize yourself with materials and tools through manual practice. Group experience to build a large installation.

Registration fees

  • Only theoretical course: 50 €
  • Only practical course: 160 €
  • Complete course: 200 €
  • Accommodation: apart from the registration fee
  • To Architects registered to a National Association of Architects will be recognized 4 CFP (only theoretical course) or 10 CFP (complete course)


Who we are

Precarious Architecture (Venice): Architecture firm specialized in the design and construction of fittings and installations with natural or recycled materials. We share the project path through collective and participatory processes, building reversible architectures with a strong environmental and ecological sensitivity.

Natural Born Builders (Versilia) The new adventure of the founder of Bambuseto: an international network of artisans in the field of natural constructions. Founded with colleagues known on the road between Mexico and Australia passing through England, it collects the decades-long experiences of its members in the construction of natural materials. Solid wood structures, straw walls and raw earth … and of course bamboo sculptures! Very still under construction. Everything always evolving.

Information and registration


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