The idea is to transform a haystack in an outdoor seating area. A horse will eat the fodder forming a concavity in the bale, which will be reversed to become a place to sit. Everything will be wrapped in a strip of felt. In its soft pockets could be found the accessories: a folding tray, a ladder. Once removed, felt can be used again, while the sheaf will again be fed to animals.

COVO-by-Architetture-Precarie_KIT-1024x239 Den

DESIGN: Alessandro Zorzetto + Francesca Modolo + Luciano Aldrighi

Ecomondo, Rimini fair (IT), 7th > 10th November 2012

Award winning project at SUN.LAB competition, Rimini fair (IT), 7th > 9th October 2012

Camping Marecchia, Pennabilli RN (IT), Summer 2013

COVO-by-Architetture-Precarie_P_01 Den

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